How to Order Process:
1) Make an appointment for a free estimate.
2) 5 - 10 working days for manufacturing.
3) We will phone the customer to schedule an appointment for installation.
4) Customer must remove everything from top and underneath the counter.

We can also supply counter-tops for pickup ready in 3-5 days. Owner must prepay for shipping. Packaging cost is extra.

How to Download Order Form
Step 1: The order form is in PDF format. If you don't already have a free Acrobat Reader, download it here. Step 2: Download the order form here
Step 3: Open the order form and print it.

How to Measure for Custom-made Counter-tops
Select the layout(s) on the print out that most resembles your kitchen and/or bathroom and complete the following steps:

  1. Measure the total length of each cabinet segment along the back wall, or wall to wall, if applicable.
  2. Measure the exterior depth (front to back) of each cabinet segment, excluding the door thickness.
  3. Check the wall corners for squareness by using the "3-4-5 method." Place a mark on the all at 3' from the corner, and on the adjacent wall at 4' from the corner. A perfect 90 degrees corner will measure exactly 5' between the marks. If the measurement is greater or less than 60", indicate the dimension inside the corner.

How to Order
Using the steps listed under "How to Measure", indicate the following data on the appropriate layouts on the order form you printed out.

  1. Indicate the "Cabinet Length" at the corresponding sides.
  2. Indicate the "Cabinet Depth" at the corresponding sides.
  3. Indicate the "End Finish" at the corresponding side using the following code:
    O - Open
    W - Wall
    R - Range(also indicate range opening between cabinets)
    F - Fridge
  4. Determine if build-up is required. This is determined by the type of cabinet construction.
    1. No Build-up required - Drawer fronts and doors are at least " below the top of the cabinets.
    2. Build-up required - Drawer fronts and doors are less than " below the top of the cabinets.
  5. Fill-out "Order Information" on printout including ALL information required. If more than one top is being ordered and the specifications are not the same, (i.e. different colour or profiles), use separate forms.
  6. Fax in the order form to 924-1314

Note: if the counter top you require is a different shape than those indicated at right, or if the laminate colour is not displayed on the board, we will be happy to help you get it.